SASSOU means 'free & breezy from heaviness' (サッソウ), in Japanese, which has been the spirit and motto behind the formulation of our products. Therefore, each of our products have been developed to ensure that it offers you a light and relaxed feel after every use, whilst providing you with noticeable skin benefits.

With over 50-years of experience in formulating effective skincare products that contain beneficial ingredients, such as natural plant extracts and premium gold leaves, SASSOU was born with the commitment to bringing you the very best in traditional Japanese skincare philosophy into each of our products. 

SASSOU launched in Hong Kong in 2008, and now has a loyal following of Hong Kong customers, socialites and celebrities alike. Type your paragraph here.

Our Philosophy

In keeping with the traditional Japanese skincare philosophy, SASSOU JAPAN, is dedicated to finding cutting-edge skin-care products that are innovative, and effectively formulated to fight against the causes of ageing skin (such as dark spots, dull skin complexion, fine lines and wrinkles), while ensuring that only the most natural ingredients are used to develop skincare products that can help revitalise both your skin and soul. 

SASSOU JAPAN pays particular attention to your ever changing skin as it transitions from day-to-day, year-to-year. At times under mounting stress, environmental assaults and through the natural course of aging, your skin can become damaged and dehydrated. With these factors in mind, SASSOU JAPAN believes that you can overcome them and maintain healthy and radiant skin with a good beauty ritual that begins with cleansing and cleaning your skin, starting at the pores. 

About Gold

With similar qualities found in certain Chinese herbal medicines that helps promote the body’s healing and recovery process, gold has the power to magnify the effects of skincare ingredients by targeting and awakening skin cells.
Studies show that there are similarities between the wavelengths of negative ions released by gold and the ions released by the human body. This means that the mineral can enhance particle circulation, and thereby reinvigorating the bio-electric current that naturally weakens as we age.  

It is for these reasons that gold can ultimately rejuvenate your skin cells, improve blood circulation, enhance your skin metabolism by revitalise dormant skin tissues and cell competency.